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CRNA GORA HOSTING CO. It was established in 2020 in Podgoridca, with 100% Montenegrin capital, with its young, dynamic, innovative team that has proven itself in its field with our vast experience since 2020 and dedicated to continuous improvement. CRNA GORA HOSTING CO. Provides services such as domain name, hosting, server, data center solutions. CRNA GORA HOSTING CO. S. As we are constantly doing R&D studies, we ensure that you use the technologies of tomorrow today with our R&D studies. Together with our friendly team, we are constantly working and improving ourselves to be with you and to support you 24/7.

CRNA GORA HOSTING CO. Ş., we have a completely transparent management approach. We are constantly working to provide the best quality service at the most affordable price and we provide service to our valued customers with new generation servers.

Our Vision;

We aim to be among the top 10 companies by hosting the most websites and servers, thanks to the R&D studies we have been carrying out both in our country and in the global sector.

Our Mission

CRNA GORA HOSTING CO. With our customer satisfaction-oriented principle, we provide reliable and economical services 24/7 without sacrificing quality, with the latest technology.

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